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Driver Referral Program

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Below are the guidelines around our Driver Referral Program:

  • This program will be implemented & suspended as needed at the dispatch level depending on seasonality and need
  • All new drivers are subject to the company's standard policies, requirements and expectations
  • Office staff are eligible to participate, but must substantiate that they referred the driver
  • For the 6-month referral bonus to be paid, the new driver must be considered active, which requires that the driver has been averaging a minimum of working at least once each week since start date
  • All referrals must be submitted within 10 days of the new driver's start date
  • The Driver Care Team will track all driver referrals for payment
  • Any questions should be referred to your Care Team

The qualification and requirements of our drivers:

  • Valid driver's license: regular or CDL
    • If CDL A or B, you must have at least 1 year of commercial driving experience
    • Must be at least 24 years of age
    • Satisfactory motor vehicle record and criminal background
    • Pass a pre-employment Federal DOT drug screen
    • 100% tobacco free
    • Excellent communication and time management skills
    • Must have a valid credit card
    • Must have a smart phone
    • If applying to be a DOT or CDL driver, you must have knowledge of electronic log books, how to complete DOT log books, and have a current DOT medical card